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Digital Relay

EOIP has developed its own design of Digital Protection Relay. The main purpose of our design is to develop a relay that will automatically "shut-down" whenever the current exceeds a predefined value. This is in order to protect the 11KV power transmission lines.

ERP System

ERP System
On-line, menu driven user-friendly system. Integration with Windows-based tools. DSS and Multi-dimensional analysis.

Hand Held

Hand Held
The Hand Held Unit (HHU) is designed with Arabic data entry that communicates with PCs. The design has an economic (effective-cost) architecture and is based on the recent advances in electronics.

Digital Electronic Meter

The collection of power meter readings is a hard problem either in high-density population areas or in rural areas. That is why meters are equipped with transmission facilities, which represent the new generation of power meters. On the other hand, finding a proper communication channel is another problem. Transmission over power lines does not require any further wiring or frequency slot (for RF channel) to transmit the meter readings.

Remote Control

During the last two years EOIP has been working on developing a remote control and control unit for one of the biggest air conditioner Company in Egypt.

Retrofilling Card

Two design schemes have been designed and implemented. These design schemes are micro-controller-based designs.


The PABX system is an electronic private automatic branch exchange device designed and implemented in EOIP labs. In addition to the common features such as follow me, conference, night service, ...etc.


EOIP SCADA concentrates on proving the concepts of the Resource Management System (RMS). It covers representative samples based on geographical locations to prove this concept .


  ARSEL is a power line communication system that automates the process of collecting the readings of the electrical meters directly from the distribution transformer.

Two-way / Prepayment

Pre-Paid Integration with SCADA. Save on regular "on-cycle" meter reading. Obtain more easily (and in some cases, instantly) initial and final meter readings for opening and closing accounts.


This system improves the reading process. It still depends on the reader to be responsible of entering the reading to HHU.


EOIP`s Enterprise solutions represent a comprehensive information and management system designed to integrate the day-to-day activities and transactions. The EOIP DMS includes all necessary hardware and software to satisfy the functional and performance requirements.


ARWL is a power line communication system that automates the process of collecting the readings of the water meters directly through the distribution transformer.


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